Basic Chords (Open Chords)

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G         g chord tab

Em  e minor e-minor-chord01


Am  a minor a minor tab

D   d chrds   d tab

DmDmin Dm-chord-box


A  A-guitar-chord-300x300 a-major-chord tab

E    e chord e-major-chord tab

B7 b7 chord  B7-chord-box





Barre Chords (Experienced)



E Shape Barre Chord

 e shape barre e shape tab

Imagine you were playing an E chord with your last three fingers, then lay your first finger over all of the strings (a Barre) this plays a number of chords depending on which fret you play it. If you take for second finger off this becomes a minor chord

1st Fret = F

3rd Fret = G

5th Fret = A

6th Fret = B Flat (Bb)


A Minor Shape Barre Chords

aminorshape-150x150 Am-shape-150x150tab

Similar to the E Shape Barre chord, Imagine you were playing an Am chord with your last three fingers and Barre with your first finger.

  • 2nd Fret = Bm

  • 5th Fret = Dm

  • 7th Fret = Em